Business Formation Services

We help businesses, entrepreneurs and business professionals with a variety of business formation issues. For example, it is critical that the correct legal entity is chosen for a business when it is formed.  Our office represents and counsels businesses as they form and assists clients in navigating the myriad of issues that come with a startup enterprise or small business. Without the help of a skilled business formation lawyer, costly issues can arise, such as contract disputes, ownership/partnership/shareholder lawsuits, non-competition/restrictive covenants agreement disputes and more. We strive to help your business avoid these issues by helping you form a solid business structure that allows your business to flourish and prosper for years to come.

  • Purchase or Sale of Business/Assets
  • Contract Review and Drafting
  • General Business Legal Advice
  • Wills, Trusts, Estates & Powers of Attorney for Business Matters
  • Corporate Governance including Internal Audit Investigations
  • Compliance Manual Review and Drafting

In many cases, careful representation in business formation that we can provide has not been sought by firms and issues arise.  We are experienced in dealing with various types of ownership disputes affecting businesses and individuals.  We advise clients regarding business matters such as shareholder/member/partner disputes, fiduciary duty issues, trade secrets, securities, business formation, commercial transactions, company governance and more. Our experienced attorneys work with clients of every size, from large corporations to family-owned companies and start-up enterprises and provide the legal help necessary for your business to avoid and resolve ownership disputes.

In addition, contracts are an integral part of conducting business, whether it is a small business with a handful of employees or a large multinational corporation. Contracts play a crucial role in business operations relating to business vendors, employees, customers, local/state/federal government regulations and more.  Without a skillful hand crafting and modifying business contracts, a company can incur unnecessary legal and financial expenses that could cause extreme financial difficulty.  We are here to help your business successfully create, maintain, and enforce contracts that benefit your business, partners, contractors and clients.